Benchmarking Case Presentation:
Phoenix Contact (China)

Phoenix Contact Group is a major participant and promoter of Industry 4.0 in Germany. It provides custoners with global. Leading level products, such as conbinationg terminal blocks, printed circuit board connectors, industrial connectors, electric vehicle charging connectors, modular electrical interface products, lightning and surge protectors, etc. With more than 20 offices and 100 distribution agencies in China, Phoenix Contact has the ability to provide world-class products and efficient high-quality services nationwide to its industrial customers.


Inventory increases and decreases are registered manually, and inventory updates are not timely.

Each process of goods inbound and outbound requires a large number of manual checking with paper documents, which results in a waste of labor and resource.

Lack of overall planning in the warehouse leads to inefficient operations.

comprehensive warehouse management solution

for Phoenix Contact (China)

●  Real-time recording of inbound and outbound information through WMS system to achieve a high degree of transparency of information in the warehouse.

●  Achieve paperless management in the warehouse by using RF (Radio Frequency) equipment.

●  Realize real-time data transmission by interfacing with other upstream and downstream systems, carry out overall planning meanwhile.


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Overall planning for the business, standardized the workflow and improved operational efficiency.


Warehouse operators equipped with RF equipment to complete almost all the operational processes in the warehouse instead of operating a computer, except the overall control on Web page by managers through computer.


Customization is integrated in the WMS to implement the PACKING packaging system previously used by Phoenix, and all the functions of the packaging system are re-implemented in the B/S architecture with customized pages, so that packaging operators do not have to switch between the two systems to complete their work.


At the same time, the materials in the warehouse are finely managed, and through the integration and with other systems, an intelligent and modern managed warehouse has been established for Phoenix.