Benchmarking Case Presentation:
Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette is a top Korean bakery brand under SPC Group, the oldest food industry in Korea; There are currently more than 1,500 chain stores in Korea, the United States (Los Angeles, New York), and China (Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin);It mainly deal with authentic French bread, fresh sandwiches, delicious cakes and pure coffee;With 60 years of baking experience and the company's mission, Paris Baguette provide consumers with healthy and delicious products using fresh and premium ingredients.


The objective is to optimize supply chain execution and realize supply chain collaboration and overall visualization.

The implementation of WMS aims to standardize and optimize the warehouse operation process, improve the operation efficiency, reduce operational errors, conduct operators’ assessment and strengthen the effect of logistics execution.


●  Multi-dimensional inventory, user-defined report forms.

●  Multi-owners, multi-organizations, multi-warehouses in different locations, storage billing and settlement.

●  Multi-operation strategies management (receiving strategy, shelving strategy, allocation strategy, picking strategy, outbound strategy, replenishment strategy).


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Build global decision-making and data analysis support.


Automatic logistics billing.


Picking and shipping efficiency increased by 20% with the visualization management.


Ensure inbound and outbound efficient and accurate through paperless, automation and intelligence management, warehouse operation data analysis and diagnosis, video capture monitoring.