The largest retail chain company brand in China.

Vanguard is an excellent retail chain enterprise group of China Resources Group, a state-owned enterprise group directly under the central government and a Fortune 500 company. Vanguard is also one of the largest retail chain enterprise groups in China.
Vanguard’s online stores cover 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and Special Administrative Regions in China, including 264 cities, and more than 300,000 employees.


How to establish a visual transparent platform for logistics and transportation process?

How to realize the refined management and assessment of warehouse operation to reduce storage cost and increase efficiency?

How to achieve optimal logistics scheduling arrangements and save logistics costs?


●  Intergrade upstream and downstream platforms, group orders into TMS logistics management system for unified operation.

●  Warehouse master data maintenance (SKU, unique code, packaging, volume, etc.).

●  Intelligent scheduling to provide optimal carrier selection (route, region, weight assignment rules).

●  Data coordination and conversion between TMS and WMS.

●  System authority management, account for central company and branch companies; complete end system construction; integration of warehouse and distribution.


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The establishment of the logistics operation platform enables effective integration of logistics resources and allows communication with other systems in time, which increase the efficiency.


The supply chain network has been extended to the second and third-tier city markets with the natural growth of the e-commerce market.


Effectively management of SKU quantities and weights of materials.


Reduce logistics costs and improve distribution responsiveness through route optimization.


Effective logistics business operation and internal management to improve business competitiveness.


Collaboration between transportation & warehousing ensures the implementation of transportation and distribution plans.


Comprehensive coverage of end points to improve the quality of last-mile services.