Benchmarking Case Presentation:

The largest international freight forwarding company in China, headquartered in Beijing and listed in Hong Kong on February 13, 2003 with annual revenue of 9.5 billion RMB. Main business: freight forwarding, sea/land/air transportation, shipping agency, supply chain logistics, express delivery, warehousing, mainline transportation.

Project: Logistics Management Platform Phase I

Customer: Sinotrans Contract logistics Business Division

Project: Angola Supply Chain Management System

Customer: Sinotrans Engineering logistics Business Division

Project: TMS

Customer: Sinotrans Liaoning

Project: Logistics Management Platform Phase II

Customer: Sinotrans Contract logistics Business Division

Project: Buyer Collection System

Customer: Sinotrans Contract logistics Business Division

Project: Logistics Management System Phase I

Customer: Sinotrans Jiangsu

Project: Logistics Information System(OMS-TMS-WMS-BMS)

Customer: Sinotrans Shanghai Cold Chain Logistics Co.

Comprehensive OTWB Solution

Problem solving:

MK warehouse management system has become outdated, it was developed in a customized mode to fit the needs of non-warehouse functions; Due to the lack of an integrated information system, the level of customer service is poor, the execution of warehousing and transportation is inefficient, orders cannot be visually tracked, and the customer satisfaction rate is low.


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The project won the 2009 National Logistics Informatization Excellent Case Award of China Logistics and Purchasing Association.


Improved the speed of settlement of accounts receivable and significantly increased customer satisfaction by automatic billing system.


Visualization of whole process of customer orders, the integrated system centralized and regularized business data which support special processes for different customers; Order pricessing efficiency increased by 28%, order execution efficiency increased by 8%.


The system is to manage the logistics of Sinotrans by informationization, which covers inbound and outbound orders, order monitoring, in-transit monitoring, warehouse management, vehicle management, scheduling management, receipt management, etc. It realized the comprehensive integration of logistics and visualization management, which allows better management and effective control of logistics business, and is an important support platform for e-Management of logistics business.